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Digital Consumers

Digital Consumption

And you really thought that your only way is to keep "pushing" irrelevant unsolicited content to your customers? Just because the email comes with their name, in a kind of personalized mail merge, it doesn't mean you really know them not even that you're treating them like "humans", it's just "marketing automation", am I right?, so let's CLICK below and find out more...

Digital Life

Digital Life

Man and you still think we're not immerse in a "Mixed Reality" kind of living? Seriously? Try not to start your day grabbing your smartphone or avoiding Googling something when you are on a problem solving mode...C'mon...I mean it's almost impossible...so let's be honest, let's see where we are and what are the benefits and risks of it, it's just as simple as that... CLICK below and find out more!

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Well, I'm not sure about you, but I'm really sick of non sense "Digital Transformation " selling speeches,  I'm also really tired of things like "embrace digital to improve customer experience", yeah right, I'm quite bored with the same kind of thinking, I mean you cannot pretend to engage "real human people" by pushing on them at every step of the road, that's crazy, isn't it? It sounds like the crazy "Cold Calling" and "Printed Mailbox Marketing" hitting your land line and mailbox every single day, isn't it? So, don't feel anxious like chasing the parade, just CLICK below and find out more...

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